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Ah!Poetry - My first published triplets :)

Our Story
It is a rare scene in the literary world to see a cluster of 57 friends coming together to share their only PASSION Poetry.
Each poet has contributed 3 of his favorite writes. You can find 3 of my poems too.
This book is our Dream.
Ah ! Poetry has close to 175 poems catering to varied tastes of the readers. 
We have very simple poems to very deep and soulful poems.
This book would certainly be a great read and an example of how people can work together to follow their dreams .

"With Love"- An International Anthology of Love Poems.

Our Story
Poetry is a wonderful tool which enables us to express, to  collate our random love notes into a world class collage of fine verse..
Each poem here represents the love stories to quote from their own lives...
This anthology of beautiful love poems is a dedication to Love and Love only..
I am sure these beautiful verses will bring immense joy to the readers..

My Poem " With Love" is featuring in this International Anthology ..

"With Love" is available for purchase online.. it is a limited edition Anthology.

If interested kindly mail with your queries and order to 


You can purchase the book  from


Short Story :

Short Stories , " Maya " and "Whenever you Come" published in an online magazine Friedeye.

Website link - https://www.friedeye.com/

Short story link - Maya ( Part I)


Maya( Concluding Part)


Short story link - Whenever you Come


Duet Anthologies

Our Story :
Poets and their works have ever fascinated the world. This world has profoundly inspired them and in turn unleashed their gathered flux like a current of life giving word stream called poetry.  Poets have become the real channels to the mysterious soul of the universe. The effect of poetry both visibly and invisibly reverberate the world to its desired frequencies. Our devastated world has resurrected with fine poetry and promising philosophy of the soul in many forms from time to time. This process of resurrection is still going on in many new formats no matter in what age we are living in. In every age, poets make the string of life resonated to its sweet chiming melody and eternal spiritual bass.

Here, through this anthology,poetry has gathered and doubled the possibility of the poetic ecstasy. A new synthesised form of poetry has evolved called ‘Duet-Poetry’. Shall I take the courage to quote that this is the form much needed in the world we are living in?

This attempt is the first of its kind, to teach with examples, what this kind of poetry will gift to the world in the time to come. Those poets who have shared herein their fine poetry have really put their sincere efforts to actualise this brand new concept. Let me say, this bunch of poets are the real ambassadors of this novel idea and thus have etched their names in the history of Duet Poetry of the world.
Gypsy Notes

Each book features my duet with a fellow poet.
The first anthology " Gypsy Notes' features my duet poetry with the author of the book Mr Gopakumar. 

Synthesis - World's First International Duet - Poetry Anthology

This International duet Anthology features my duet poem " The Alluring Mirages". My fellow poet in this anthology is a dear friend and a great poet, Mr Gunjan Malik.

The books are available for purchase online.


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