Friday, 5 September 2014

Happy Teachers' Day !!!!!

I have never been a fan of our education system.
it just seems their primary aim is to create uniform blocks of people who process the same kind of information in a similar precision...
A bunch of text books, quotes by few famous people, a few do's and dont's, a lot of have to be's, should be's and can be's.
You do not do it.. You become a variety in their slot...
It does not surprise me that the ones who have broken the mould and have gone ahead to create niche for themselves, are dropouts...
Having said that,I have also seen great inspiring teachers who have so much to give but have become a victim of this system.. they are underpaid and undermined.
Teachers, Doctors play with human life directly. 
They have the power to change the fate of an individual, of a nation.
You can never judge their worth as their profession is priceless.
It is depressing to see, a great service such as this is commercialising today.
However, in the light of our current situation we can never forget the legacy of great gurus and teachers who have enriched our lives.

My request to whomsoever it may concern... do not underpay teachers.
The rudimentary reason why a lot of them do not prefer a teaching job is low pay in times of high cost living. They have to provide for their families too.
An average Indian family see potential in their children and inculcate a belief that they are bound to be engineers.... Teaching job is usually the last straw..
A marginalised sector of the society wish to be teachers and unfortunately their scope for improvement is minimal.
Thanks to few responsible people... we have schools for the potential yet underprivileged kids. I just wish the trend continues.
Happy teachers day to all the hardworking teachers, who have nurtured a civilisation. 
I am sorry about your pay but I am amazed at your service despite all the odds. A good teacher can change the way the world looks.
The ones who teach for the heck of it,please get a grip. You are creating a society which thinks for the heck of it too..
Ps- For heaven sake do not call teachers and professors, Staff... they are not staff members... Respect has to be mutual... there is absolutely no compromising here...
Learn and teach.. follow, then..preach :)


Uma said...

How true! We do have some great teachers around who inspire the students even if their personal situation is hardly inspiring. The profession deserves more respect.

Curiosity crower said...

Completely agree with you Uma :) and many thanks for perusing my write up :)