Sunday, 5 January 2014

One of my favorite painting Artist- Amrita Sher- Gil

Amrita Shergill, an eminent Indian painting artist, a stunningly beautiful woman with an amazing talent. Amrita's art has influenced generations of Indian artists and her depiction of the plight of women has made her art a beacon for women at large both in India and abroad. A classic artist who flawlessly imbibed the complexities of her life within her beautiful paintings. The beauty about her work is the intricate yet innate marination of modern sensibilities with traditional values.
Of all her beautiful paintings, I liked this one.. It is a self painting nevertheless there is something about the picture and her expression that makes me want to look back a million times.


nivedita n said...

Wow! This is indeed pretty!!

Curiosity crower said...

She is a beautiful woman :)