Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Woman

Blast from the past.
Year- 1998, Poem- New Woman !!!!

New Woman

Oh Beautiful ! For you are the woman who has risen,
From the fettered graves of your affiliated slavery.
Guiding the pain through the closed walls of your inner horizon.
You have nurtured a tempest through the ashes of your cindered reverie.
Pioneering a path that you shall never return
To the mourning realm of your serrated past.
Alienation of the affliction could never be deferred.
You had to move places as the dice was already cast.
But now,
You are empowered to swallow freedom in your ravenous trap.
And to carve the words that was meant to be spoken.
Incinerating the ethical norms and sacrilegious scrap.
You have strewn the imposed rule meant to be broken.

Preeti Venkateshan

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