Monday, 2 December 2013

Comic Strip -2 " Curiosity has a Nightmare"

Here it is, My second Comic Strip. 
"Curiosity has a Nightmare"
I was watching The Lion King with my baby and then I thought why not ??
In this cartoon strip I chose not to give a face to the baboon because according to me he represents us, the public  
The best part is I am learning to use Photoshop for a completely different purpose. 
Learning something new is so refreshing 


Vina said...

Lol. That was a good one Curiosity. !

nivedita n said...

:) Funny ! :)

in the last comment "gplussed" = google plus it :)

Curiosity crower said...

Thanks so much Nivi :)

Curiosity crower said...

Thanks a lot Vina :)