Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sikhs vs Sheiks

The Life of an Indian living abroad is amusing,especially if you are living in a country that has very less Indian population or quote unquote brown skinned people.
They ask me if I were from Hindu.
Initially, I presumed the problem was their pronunciation but then I realized that according to them, Hindu is a country.

Cold stares, happy smiles, curious looks and questionnaires have become a normal ritual for us.

One such conversation,in a small shop, in Spain.

Are you from Pakistan?
No? I am from India.
What is the difference?


And in France;

French lady : Are you Hindu.. 
Me: Yes I am..
French Lady: Bien, I have an Asian friend.. 
Me: I am an Asian.. 
French Lady: But you tell me you are Hindu.. 
Me: I am both.. 
French Lady: Pas possible, You are very funny.. 
Me: Yes I am all the three, Now Please shoot me !!! 

So, thereby

My conclusion drawn from their curious questions are;

Indians are Arabs .
Indians are not Asians
Sikhs are Sheikhs.

However this does not represent everybody in the western world nor do we expect them to know everything about us .

The irony is we are clueless too.

This is about the hostility few pursue just because we are not like them.

White supremacy is a latent stigma .

It is one of the perils of the Human Civilization.
Unfortunately man does not inherently choose to be biased, he is wired that way. 

I trust it is going to take more time,education, exposure and migration to understand each other well. But what about the loss of lives..?

So let us get one thing clear.

We, the Indians, are not from Pakistan, we are not Anti -Semitic, Jews or Arabs.

We respect them but we are not them and no matter who we all are, none of us deserve to be shot.

This video is one of the best I have found so far. 

It is really sad that the show has been cancelled. 
TRP's rule.

Sikhs Vs Sheikhs


nivedita n said...

hey nice post. I liked your casual attitude a lot! :)

Curiosity crower said...

Thanks so much Nivi. It is so nice of you to spend your precious time reading my posts. thanks again :)

justJosiahBro said...

Good one!
"Are you from Hindu?/ Are you a Hindian?" is a frequently asked question I guess...

Curiosity crower said...

true... that is precisely what they ask :)