Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Lost in my fantasia ......

Here, the Vernal Moon rains, imbruing orb’s bosom.
The Refulgent stars, mired in a reverie.
The sparkling Azure, larking in Carousal.
The rascally dews, viciously spewing.
The aubade scampers, in amour-propre,
To doze beneath the hills, in an orange blanket.
Rouge in the rainbow abjures to crescent,
The hexad kins butter her with hued presents.
The skittish lightning peeps through the walls,
While the comets duet, in the praise of cosmos.
Wayfaring clouds tweaking gems from the space.
Raucous thunder scarfing the sunset.
While the star shines down on me,
I clasp and taste the sheening moon dust.
With the studded velvet blanket awning me.
I lay down in peace, lost in my fantasia.

Preeti Venkateshan.