Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Yours Forever !!!!!!

I am lost,
Lost in you,
In your abyss,
In your realm.
I ruminate,
An unheard song.
Deep in the tunnel,
I wander,
In search,
I fidget,
I perch.
Then I found you,
But without me.
I dont hear me anymore.

Where am I?
The life I gave.
The form I changed.
The sun I saw.
The tempest I raised.
I starched my mind,
You still lingered.
I sprinted away.
You came closer.
I tried to ignore you,
And then
Saw your toothless smile.
I got lost again,
Again and again...
Lost in you,
Now and beyond time,
I am yours Forever !!!!


Dogs said...
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Krishna Kumar said...

wow Preeti... chweet one!! :) I cud picturise u and ur kid while readin it...Cute! :) ;)

prritiy---------sneh said...

o so lovely MOM! yes it is all your mother in it.

loved it


Sudama Chandra Panigrahi said...

Preeti this is really nice.

Preeti Venkateshan said...

Thank you so much Prrity and Sudam :)

Amit Charles said...

A warm write :) Impressive. Perhaps, there's an overkill of ellipses. Could have avoided that.

keep it going;)