Friday, 17 June 2011

Familiar Anomaly

An insight

Insidious and vicious ,
I scamper !
I yearn !
I fret !
I let !
An instant,
I see the dawn
Pouring like mote
Through the hourglass
Into the wilderness .
An instant,
I feel the dusk
With her clutches
Suffocating my air
Refracting skewness .
A moment,
I bask in refulgence
Of life, of Mirth
A moment
I sulk in indulgence
Of shadows, of death .
I beckon my words,
For they will die like kings .
I reckon their shadows,
For they will perish like peasants.
I Marvel my life
It shreds an unknown dichotomy !
I marvel my life
It treads a familiar anomaly.


mehul said...

something which is very difficult to express which is been easily penned by you its impeccable...n it was pleasure reading u....from start to the bottom

PoeDes said...

This is such beautiful ink Preeti, thank you for sharing. Absolutely love it. Your choice of words is magnificent as always.

prritiy---------sneh said...

Engrossing creation, from start to finish.


thamizh said...

its really beautiful all your post.i read it all in one night.Your choice of words is amazing.fantastic!.request more writings from you.

Preeti Venkateshan said...

Thank you so much :)