Friday, 17 June 2011

Familiar Anomaly

An insight

Insidious and vicious ,
I scamper !
I yearn !
I fret !
I let !
An instant,
I see the dawn
Pouring like mote
Through the hourglass
Into the wilderness .
An instant,
I feel the dusk
With her clutches
Suffocating my air
Refracting skewness .
A moment,
I bask in refulgence
Of life, of Mirth
A moment
I sulk in indulgence
Of shadows, of death .
I beckon my words,
For they will die like kings .
I reckon their shadows,
For they will perish like peasants.
I Marvel my life
It shreds an unknown dichotomy !
I marvel my life
It treads a familiar anomaly.