Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Potato Chips

I wonder, when and why

You buried me in thy soil of lie,

Let me spring with joy

Ploughed my spirits with trifles of coy

Seeded me with Ounces of dearth

Cascaded into me sprinkles of mirth

Wonder the plot of your vicious mind

To soak your manure so opined

I grew like a girl so scrawny

In your ever gleaming torch of irony

My other pleas to you my life

Play the tunes of my favorite fife

Let my spirits of crop grow

Let my essence of tuber show

Cut open my strife and stress

Clean all the spots and mess

Scrape me off my skin so dead

Salt and mold me In your finest tread

Embrace me with your oiled clips

Enjoy me, I am your Potato Chips

Preeti Venkateshan 


Amiya chatterjee said...

I dont know why you chose to use words like THY in one place and YOUR in another.You should avoid the use old fashioned words Preeti.
I dont like another word OPINED.The parallel drawn is wonderful.

Preeti Venkateshan said...

The use of thy was more like a metaphorical mockery...
Like you say to a bully a person
We sometimes use terms like Maharaj ki jai ho to a dominating person
or we say you are the greatest to a Kid who looks at us for appreciation
We use old fashioned words to show more impact.
Here I am making a mockery, thats why I used old fashioned words and the rest I chose it to be casual.
Opined was the word I chose, it is a metaphor which meant, no matter what he tried or did
Our fate has its own opinions and ideas.
It is with due respect to all who dont believe in fate, because I do.
Thank you for your views Amiya :)

Gunjan said...

kinda odd. u really seem rusty....
having said tht nice topic..
and back to GRE word list...
BTW good to see u back

Preeti Venkateshan said...

I am feeling rusty too, thanks Gunjan :)

PoeDes said...

I kike what you wrote, another great one of yours!
Keep on doing it!

victor cliven said...

good stuff.. glad to see the rhyme at every turn of the sentence. most ppl seem to have given up on it.
lol, and its alright to use 'thy' etc. anglo saxon needs to live!

Preeti Venkateshan said...

Thanks a lot for your views, I am glad you liked it.

Krishna said...

Wow...I loved it.. A potato telling its life story lol...really still smiling :) :)

3Li said...

chanda ide... next yenu gobi manchuri??? :)

Preeti Venkateshan said...

Haudhu !!!! how did you guess :)

Amit Charles said...

Crisp! Apparently, in this case, you can only have just one :)

keep it going;;)

Curiosity crower said...

thanks Amit :)