Tuesday, 9 December 2008


We despise to say goodbye
Yet we have to bid farewell
Prayer of a tryst we can eye
An idyllic hope we can foretell

The future is concealed in curtain,
The waters are uncertain
Wishing you mirth brighter than a lantern
Wishing you a life without a burden.
Farewell, we utter with pain
Farewell in incandescence or rain
Farewell in frivolity and sane,
Farewell, hoping you have a lot to gain.

This Moment would come, we never knew
Hoping you live all the dreams you pursue,
For a person with fabric of varied hue
Few Humble hearts biding you adieu.


ajay.rao said...

Thumbs up Preeti. Mixed emotions are always difficult to express. You have done it.

priya said...

simply superb............

satnix said...

I personally like this one ! Really good.. Felt like I was reading my oen poems :) Keep up the good work

Preeti Venkateshan said...

Thank you all :)