Thursday, 31 July 2008

Desolate Woman

The room was adequately small,
To hold the pain of one,
Unfolding vast depths of her downfall,
Nurtured since the long run...
While musing about her melody so tragic,
Over her lain the silence of the night..
Her happiness seems to have vanished by magic,
A broken commitment scorched her,
Like a flame of fright....
Delighted was she few moments ago,
Illuminating an incandescent sheen...
But her beloved made her forgo
Her love so immaculate,so clean.
She endeavored to beckon those moments
where she was a lover..a quiescent wife
But those blissful moments buried in a hollow,
Refused to recompose...
Leaving her desolated in life.


3Li said...

hey preethi very touchy poem kano...

strider said...

Nice story preeti, you do have a way with this craft. It made a gripping read and of course the twist in the end was very charming [:)]

-- unchecked

who thinks like me? said...

Classy write.

Preeti Venkateshan said...

Thank you all :)