Thursday, 31 July 2008

Childhood days

Lying on the grass I see...
Birds flying happy and gay,
I was one among them
During my childhood days
Wandering without clothes
nothing to hide...
Innocent and unacquainted
with the world so wide,
Smiles that could pass through woods and heavy tide..
Bloomed with laughter and never cried..
Smelling of twigs,dung and hay..
I still remember my childhood days
As days began to get hotter and hotter,
My childhood memories began to totter.
Physical and mental changes..
Wondered what happened to my parents only daughter,
And before dawn ....
My childhood had gone....
Now people call me teen,
This is the worst nightmare I have ever seen.
Here I am alone in this city,


Sunil said...
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eazoeMD said...

see how time flies so fast? we all passed that stage...our childhood days!!! it's so nice to reminisce those days!!! cherish those ones!!

Sunil said...

That how life is .. from an innocent eye lookin into the world for first time and surrounded by so strangers ,,, Time is jus ticking away ...Never know when s the last breath

Its good to look back at the past ,...
Good work sweety

who thinks like me? said...

Nice poem here.

Did you write it when you became a teen or is it recent one.

btw, I hope you are not still a teen.

Rakesh said...

looking back at it and trying to regain it

PoeDes said...

a nice look back, Preeti you still are not following my blog and I tried inviting you but I somehow can' dont appear in the the link

Preeti Venkateshan said...

Thank you all :)