Thursday, 31 July 2008


The walls of my mind whispered nebulous descriptions.
And the floors echoed them to boundless abstractions

If invidious creation of living is thy onus, in profound indulgence,
Omni-self nature is inevitably mortals' unflinching acquaintance
Perpetuating generation of lives to pursue civilization,
Draping abstract disguise to evade ramification,
Profess tenaciously to future, the streamlined history, for acceptance.
Questioning mortals: Are you shadows or my minds audacious acquaintance?
Dwelled within, since souls incorporation,
With introspective blend of reflections and dereliction,
Deliciously squaring, capricious fates eloquent circumstance,
Conscience!! Are you my friend, foe or a garrulous acquaintance?
But finally the jingoistic concepts of my intellectual eminence,
Confessed that she is a cousin of insanity and not an empirical acquaintance.


Breathing Space said...
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Raksha Shetty said...

First of all, I just love your template..........awesome
and then again ur poems are just like u.......vivid and different

!nversed Poignancy! said...

Beautifully put..
Loved the contemplations..!!

3Li said...

hmmmm reading some poems after loooong time... nice one preethi

Sunil said...

Very good imagination .... and got another meaning for "acquaintance

Preeti Venkateshan said...

Thanks everybody :)