Thursday, 31 July 2008


The walls of my mind whispered nebulous descriptions.
And the floors echoed them to boundless abstractions

If invidious creation of living is thy onus, in profound indulgence,
Omni-self nature is inevitably mortals' unflinching acquaintance
Perpetuating generation of lives to pursue civilization,
Draping abstract disguise to evade ramification,
Profess tenaciously to future, the streamlined history, for acceptance.
Questioning mortals: Are you shadows or my minds audacious acquaintance?
Dwelled within, since souls incorporation,
With introspective blend of reflections and dereliction,
Deliciously squaring, capricious fates eloquent circumstance,
Conscience!! Are you my friend, foe or a garrulous acquaintance?
But finally the jingoistic concepts of my intellectual eminence,
Confessed that she is a cousin of insanity and not an empirical acquaintance.

Childhood days

Lying on the grass I see...
Birds flying happy and gay,
I was one among them
During my childhood days
Wandering without clothes
nothing to hide...
Innocent and unacquainted
with the world so wide,
Smiles that could pass through woods and heavy tide..
Bloomed with laughter and never cried..
Smelling of twigs,dung and hay..
I still remember my childhood days
As days began to get hotter and hotter,
My childhood memories began to totter.
Physical and mental changes..
Wondered what happened to my parents only daughter,
And before dawn ....
My childhood had gone....
Now people call me teen,
This is the worst nightmare I have ever seen.
Here I am alone in this city,

Outburst of Joy

The logical plays of transvestite powers...
Plugs savouring life to perpetual sours and
when tumid incandescence transcends the fortune coy
Apparent will be the outburst of joy.
When garish echoes are heard in the treasure...
When life's atrocities are ineffable to measure...
If consequent is the downpour of mirth,Oh Boy!!!!
Extravagant will be the outburst of joy.

Desolate Woman

The room was adequately small,
To hold the pain of one,
Unfolding vast depths of her downfall,
Nurtured since the long run...
While musing about her melody so tragic,
Over her lain the silence of the night..
Her happiness seems to have vanished by magic,
A broken commitment scorched her,
Like a flame of fright....
Delighted was she few moments ago,
Illuminating an incandescent sheen...
But her beloved made her forgo
Her love so immaculate,so clean.
She endeavored to beckon those moments
where she was a lover..a quiescent wife
But those blissful moments buried in a hollow,
Refused to recompose...
Leaving her desolated in life.


Words and Words, I paint in my ink
With the brush of pen on this canvas of world.
Myriad hues of hidden,obvious clues,
soaked in juices of life, all sour and sweet.
Warm smiles, tears bitter,some happy moments & sad others,
I mix 'em all in cauldron of my palms,to make u a brew of life.
The exuberance of varied hue,
The fates parody marinated in brew
Paints the ineffable logic of life
and whispers a song forever anew
Like the tears of the air shines as a dew
Like the shredded clothing is mended by sew
Endeavor to swim across the shallowness of life
Pervading smiles allover,returning destiny its due.

Baseless Thoughts......

My Mind goes round and round....
Through paths known and unfound.......
Yet so near...yet so far.......
Nothing to salvage nothing to mar...
Often lost in a perpetual quest
Of exploring desires and conquests....
Wondering if all thoughts pervaded melody...
Wondering if all visions abstained from parody....
Would life then be a beautiful song......
Or a fabricated lyric all gone wrong....
Transcending from the vast virtual sea.....
Striving to locate the thoughts nurtured by me....
Embarked on an eternal travel .....
To excavate my minds marvel.....
Impossible it seems,to get a hold....
To match the pace of the rivulets unfold... mind goes round and round..
Through Paths Known and unfound....


Mr Right or Mr Left I do not know
Neither am I aware of such entities...
Nor have any interest to show.....
Do they really live on Earth
Or are just a node of my imagination
If they do exist..there will be dearth
Unless subject to utmost fabrication..
However at times I think....
How nice it would be if I found one..
But a relevant quest which refuses to sink.
How is it possible when there are none
Wonder whats wrong or right....
Wonder whats in or out of my sight....
Mr Right or Mr Left I do not know
Neither am I aware of such entities...
Nor have any interest to show.....